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The Vision

Who We Are: Omega Man

Called by God, Dewayne Michael Jones shared with his co-founder Joshua Scott the Vision of a Brotherhood that was more than just about community service but that stood on the Biblical principles of Jesus Christ and the infallible word of God. Omega Rho Chi was established on February 2nd of 2022. The legacy of this great brotherhood was built to be a lasting generational blessing for all brothers and breaking generational curses, help properly build generations with biblical wisdom and principles through prayer, biblical education, spiritual wealth, and knowledge so that they can succeed in the righteousness of God. We, The Omega Men, use every opportunity to find spiritual growth and unify with one simple cause; that is to serve those in our brotherhood, our families, our local and surrounding communities and abroad. We embody the qualities of a Mighty Man of Valor, the 5 pillars of Manhood, 5 Principles that surround the 5 pillars and Stand Firm on the Authority of God, who brings superiority to our life so that others will seek to be a part of the fold of our great Kingdom Minded brotherhood.

Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated


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