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Welcome to The Training Division of
The 5 Pillars of Manhood: The Omega Man

Exemplary Work and Excellence

Welcome Potential Candidates, We extend a warm invitation to you to explore the enriching journey that awaits within Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated. As you contemplate joining our esteemed brotherhood, envision the boundless opportunities for growth, service, and camaraderie that lie ahead. Within our fraternity, you will find a supportive community dedicated to fostering leadership, integrity, and lifelong connections. Embrace the challenge and embrace the opportunity to become part of something greater than yourself. Join us in our mission to uphold our core values and make a positive impact in our communities and beyond. Your potential is limitless, and together, we can strive for excellence and make a difference in the world. We look forward to welcoming you into the fold of Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated. Yours in Brotherhood.

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Pledges and Line Info: Members

Training Division
Propelling Us Forward

The Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated Training Division is dedicated to nurturing and developing the next generation of leaders who embody the principles of integrity, service, and excellence. With a foundation rooted in Biblical teachings, our training programs focus on shaping individuals into exemplary men who uphold the values of brotherhood, responsibility, and accountability. Through comprehensive training modules, our division covers key areas of study essential for personal and professional growth. These include Biblical Principles of Manhood: Our training delves into the timeless wisdom of the Bible, exploring what it means to be a man of character, honor, and integrity according to Biblical teachings. Participants learn how to apply these principles in their daily lives and interactions, fostering a deep sense of purpose and identity rooted in faith.


Leadership Development: We equip our members with the skills and knowledge needed to lead with confidence and effectiveness. From communication and decision-making to conflict resolution and teamwork, our training empowers individuals to become visionary leaders who inspire positive change in their communities. Service and Philanthropy: Central to our fraternity's mission is the commitment to serving others and making a meaningful impact in the world. Our training emphasizes the importance of service and philanthropy, instilling a spirit of generosity, compassion, and empathy in our members. Personal Growth and Wellness: We believe in holistic development, nurturing not only the mind but also the body and spirit.


Our training programs include sessions on personal growth, wellness, and self-care, encouraging members to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Brotherhood and Unity: At the heart of Omega Rho Chi Fraternity is a strong sense of brotherhood and unity. Our training fosters meaningful connections and relationships among members, promoting a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can thrive and succeed together. Overall, the Training Division of Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated is committed to equipping men with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead fulfilling lives of purpose, service, and impact, guided by the timeless teachings of the Bible.

International Dean of Pledges

Dear Potential Candidates, Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation, leadership, and brotherhood? As you consider joining Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated, know that you're not just joining a fraternity—you're joining a legacy of excellence, service, and camaraderie. As the International Dean of Pledges, I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. Our pledge program is designed to challenge you, inspire you, and help you unlock your full potential. From leadership development to community service, from brotherhood bonding to personal growth, our training program offers a comprehensive experience that will shape you into a leader of tomorrow.


But joining Omega Rho Chi is more than just about what you can gain—it's also about what you can contribute. We are a family committed to making a positive impact in our communities and beyond. Together, we strive to uphold our values of integrity, excellence, and service, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. So, if you're ready to embrace the challenge, if you're ready to make a difference, if you're ready to join a brotherhood like no other, then Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated awaits you with open arms. Join us, and together, let's make history. 


Warm regards,

Paul Cash, Tried By Fire 

International Dean of Pledges Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated

Active Membership List







Paul Cash/Tried By Fire

Debarie Borner/Glorious One 

Joshua Katusiime/The Church 

DeAires Farmer Sr. /RHEMA Prophet

Gregory Fleming/Perfect Peace

Gary Barren/The Psalmist

Justin Casey /New Mercy

Miquel Barlow Sr./Tower of Strength

Glen Casey/Divine Truth

Michael Arnold/The OutPour

Dennis Collins/Steady Overflow

Ronald Domanzo/Diligent Servant

Stanley Hamblin/Next Journey

Jason Rogers/Vigilant Servant

Martavious Walker/Storm Rider 

Kirk Blackman/Kairos

Reginal Harris/Timekeeper

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