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Founded on February 2, 2022, in Cleveland Ohio, Home of our Omega Alpha Chapter, Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc. has proudly excelled in the areas of community outreach, ministry, charitable contributions, and membership growth. Through our philanthropy work and social activities, members often find lifetime friendships and valuable connections for the future. We continue to succeed through the development and establishment of chapters locally, nationally, and on a global level. Chapters such as the Omega Beta Chapter, Chicago, Illinois and the Omega Gamma Chapter of the Carolinas, Omega Delta of Anchorage, Alaska and many growing areas continue to strive for greater opportunities to have a lasting effect on their families, ministry, and community. As of August 6, 2022, Omega Rho Fraternity became an International organization reaching across the globe into East Africa, Uganda. Keep reading to learn more about our Brotherhood.

We are a Faith-based community-focused and charitable organization. We strive in restoring and rebuilding men back into their rightful places in the household, ministry, and development of leaders in their growing communities. We are also international with a colony chapter in Kampala, Uganda 🇺🇬 which is continuing to grow. As a Fraternity, we share our experience and platform with the Queens of Omega Rho Chi Sorority. We are the first African American Christian Fraternity and Sorority constitutionally bound entity formed in the State of Ohio. Omega Rho Chi Fraternity is multicultural and stand on the quality of a diversified platform for all ethnicities to thrive and grow together. Although predominantly African American organization, we accept all races, origins and or ethnic backgrounds as they relate to our core Biblical values and beliefs. We support ministries; assisting or leading in service, providing guidance and support to the youth in our upcoming youth programs.  We are committed to education partnering with local or national and international organizations. Our future plans to join the collegiate level of service, academic and outreach programs allow us to stand out among many other Faith based organizations and provide a unique opportunity and experience for students and staff to learn about our mission and commitment. We further the mission of the Kingdom of God by reaching those college or university level students who are dedicated to come together in their faith, biblical principles and Godly experiences. We support the American Red Cross in our annual Sickle Cell blood drives, we support and partner with homeless programs and shelters and we also encourage others in our community to support and donate to each cause and support our local charities and organizations that help people with different needs. We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you as you learn more about our organization, brotherhood and Fraternity.

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