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The Membership Selection Ensures That We Select The Best Candidate That Personifies Our Core Values; Honor, Truth, Courage, And A Spirit Of Excellence. We Seek Candidates That Exhibit The Qualities Deserving Of A Mighty Man Of God. Our Motto Is “Stand Firm With Faith And The Authority Of God" And The Selection Process Is Centered On An International Uniform System Of Bringing Forward New Member With Ideals Of True Friendship. Since The Birth Of The Organization, Omega Rho Chi Will Prosper In Leaving A Legacy Of Strong Brothers And Press Toward The Mark Of The High Call Of God.



As our Founders work together to create a brotherhood that's lasting for each member thereafter, the National leaders are dedicated to ensure we are bringing members in the Fraternity who already possess the qualities that represent a right relationship with Christ Jesus. The requirements listed below are training for what responsibility is as an active Omega; its purpose is to help develop your unselfish interest in participation in a program of fellowship and brotherhood.


The following is the eligibility to administer the Membership Selection Process. The two requirements for a chapter to host the Membership Selection Process are: 

  1. Sponsor Eligibility. Have at least one member who is eligible to be a sponsor. Sponsor eligibility is defined as:

    • A member who is financial or who is a life member; and,

    • A member who is annual training certified 


2. Approved for the Membership Selection Process. National leader or Chapter leader has been approved to administer the Membership Selection Process. Once a National or Chapter leader is approved, the date of their most recent approval will appear below. Chapters are eligible to run the Membership Selection Process for up to six months following the approval. 

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