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Our Membership Selection Program is designed to meticulously identify individuals who embody our core values of honor, truth, courage, and excellence. We seek candidates who epitomize the qualities befitting a noble man of God, standing firm with unwavering faith and the authority of God. With our motto, "Stand Firm With Faith And The Authority Of God," as our guiding principle, our selection process adheres to an international uniform system established by our organization. Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated is committed to nurturing a legacy of strong, principled men who are driven by a fervent desire to pursue the high calling of God. Through our Membership Selection Program, we aim to uphold the highest standards of integrity, character, and commitment, ensuring that each member contributes positively to our fraternity and leaves a lasting impact on our community and beyond.


Eligibility to conduct the Membership Selection Process is contingent upon meeting the following criteria:


Sponsor Eligibility: At least one member must be eligible to act as a sponsor. 


Sponsor eligibility entails being a financial member or a life member and being certified through annual training.


Approval for the Membership Selection Process: National or Chapter leaders must obtain approval to oversee the Membership Selection Process. The date of the leader's most recent approval will be documented. Chapters retain eligibility to conduct the Membership Selection Process for a duration of up to six months following approval.

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