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Non Active Members List

The following parties no longer possess or hold active membership, title, or position, and received either letter of termination, or denied present or future participation, pre-candidacy or inquiries of active membership into Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc

​​Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated hereby declares that individuals who were once members but have (1) ceased to be part of our organization, (2) were in violation of our fundamental principles or (3) are granted no consent or authorization for future candidacy and denied reinstatement to remain an active member of Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated. Some of these non-active members have been duly released from our Fraternity based on specific violations, including their failure to participate actively in Fraternity meetings, prayer calls, and Fraternity activities. Furthermore, their inability to meet their monthly dues, lack of integrity and honesty, non-compliance with the rules and regulations outlined in our initial training manual and the Fraternity handbook, failure to adhere to the proper protocol, and a lack of commitment to our values and principles as followers of Christ Jesus, in line with our status as a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, community-driven, Christian-based organization.


These individuals are also responsible for neglecting to follow any and all directives set by our Executive or Fraternity Council, as well as any other applicable rules communicated through Omega Rho Chi Fraternity meetings, posts, messages, chat groups, phone calls, emails, letters, or other means of communication. As a result, these former members are now permanently excluded and prohibited from any future involvement, contact, association, or communication in all matters related to our business, events, community services, or ministerial duties as Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated.


Non-active members are strictly forbidden from sharing any training manuals, videos, tools, concepts, or verbiage, which are safeguarded by trademark status under the USPTO for the exclusive use of our organization. Wearing any paraphernalia associated with Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated is no longer permitted for these individuals, given our status as a Trademark and Branded Fraternal Organization protected by the USPTO. It is emphasized that legal actions will be pursued on behalf of Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Incorporated if any directives are violated. These names will remain on our non-active list for a period of one year and each name will be permanently dissolved on the calendar of the 365th day of the year. If it is a Leap year it will be removed on calendar day of the 366th day of the year. This list remains current in good faith that all rules and governing documents apply to the individuals listed. 


Non Active Member
Name List

Brandon L. Owens

Leland Johnson

Steven Pittman 

Steven Dudley

Ronnie Shorts

Gerard Brown

Aaron Grayer

Matthew Hogan

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