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Exemplary Work and Excellence

Each of our pledge classes is made of smart, caring, creative leaders who have created a special bond with the Greek community as a whole and of course, each other. Take a look at our member lists below, and keep browsing through the rest of our site to learn more about who we are and what we stand for.

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Pledges and Line Info: Members

Pledge Trainers/Leaders and Pledge Class History

Propelling Us Forward

Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc. is a distinguished and esteemed nonprofit fraternal organization that has been making a positive impact for years. With a strong commitment to brotherhood, leadership, and service, this fraternity stands out as a beacon of unity and purpose. The organization fosters personal growth and development through various activities, events, and programs, providing members with valuable experiences and lifelong connections. Joining the Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc. means becoming part of a community that strives for excellence, supports one another, and actively contributes to the betterment of society.

Paul Cash

International Dean of Pledges

We cannot think of a more perfect person to be our Dean of Pledgees. His outgoing demeanor bodies well with new members, and his compassionate nature makes him the perfect candidate to lead Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc. into the future.

Miquel Barlow

International Assistant Dean of Pledges

Dedicated to building relationships and partnerships within the organization and community. Placement of greatness among a new society of leaders. Teaching and instructing the masses shows the passion and grace he has for people.

Joshua Scott

COO and Administrative Coordinator

Instilling values into the operations of the organization and Chapter level growth for new members seeking knowledge and training to find success in their advancement for the Kingdom and Omega Rho Chi Fraternity Inc.

Pledge Classes



ACE Leland Johnson/Spirit Shifter
DEUCE Ashton Arkwright/Trouble Waters
TRE Steven Joseph/Trusted by God
QUAD Jabrel Thomas/The Overflow
CINCO Charles Cowan/Brothers Keeper
ROKU Steven Dudley/Time N Chance
ANCHOR Paul Cash/Tried By Fire



ACE Ronnie Shorts/Heaven and Earth 

DEUCE Devion Gilbert/Power and Glory 

TRE Gerard Brown/Warrior of Praise 

QUAD Debarie Borner/Glorious One 

CINCO Joshua Katusiime/The Church 

ANCHOR Aaron Grayer/The Guardsman 



ACE DeAires Farmer Sr. /RHEMA Prophet

Gregory Fleming/Perfect Peace

Gary Barren/The Psalmist

Justin Casey /New Mercy

Miquel Barlow Sr./Tower of Strength

Glen Casey/Divine Truth

Michael Arnold/The OutPour

Matthew Hogan/Quiet Storm

Dennis Collins/Steady Overflow

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