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Recruitment Application- Fill out all required information below. 

Welcome to our recruitment process. We encourage candidates to submit important background and current information about themselves in the intake letter below to help process applications. This requirement is mandatory and will affect the organization's decision for candidate selection. The intake letter must be at least a page in length or two paragraphs. ORC requires a $55 application fee to process your interest letter and application. If candidates are joining from other Christian organizations, we need an official resignation letter and letter of release from the President or CEO of that organization. We pride ourselves on utilizing our conflict of interest form which legally protects our organization and its members from legal or conflicting issues involving other religious organizations and must be signed during the intake process to ensure that you have met all requirements. There are no restrictions on all other organizations that can effect candidate selection at this current time. If there is an issue with being released from another Christian organization, with no pending contractual obligations, or legal or general restrictions in their contract, we will address the issue to the best of our ability. All other organizations are not required to provide such documentation. All applicants will be contacted via text or email for a virtual or face-to-face interview before intake training conducted at a desired date and time. Thanks in advance. And Welcome to Omega!! Rho Chi!!

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Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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